Corona virus family causes respiratory illness like common cold to more severe syndromes like SARS ands MERS. COVID-19 is a novel virus and hence there are no vaccines available yet.

What makes COVID-19 different from SARS?

COVID-19 is genetically similar to SARS which wreaked havoc in 2003. Although this virus spreads in the same way as SARS, preliminary findings indicate that COVID-19 is less fatal than SARS.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

COVID-19 symptoms include,

  • difficulty breathing
  • tiredness
  • fever
  • cough
  • pain in the muscles

People with reduced immunity can be affected more severely and may even lead to the death.

Elderly people at higher risk of being affected by COVID-19 due to the reduced immunity. People with Diabetes, Heart, Liver disorders, hypertension etc are also at higher risk of contracting this disease.

How can you stay safe?

Wash hands regularly

Washing hands with alcohol-based sanitizer or soap and water will help to kill the virus

Maintain social distance to people with flu symptoms

You can get infected if you breath in the liquid droplets sprayed when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth

Touching contaminated surface can get your hands contaminated with the virus. You should avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth before washing you hands thouroghly.

Seek Medical Care early

Seek medical help if you have difficulty breathing, fever or cough.

Corona Virus Myths

Now that we have gone through the symptoms and method to prevent coronavirus, let’s discuss some of the myths surrounding coronavirus.

Cold weather and snow can kill the new coronavirusFALSE
Goods manufactured in China can carry coronavirusFALSE
Hand dryers CANNOT kill coronavirusTRUE
Taking a hot bath will prevent the new coronavirus diseaseFALSE
Mosquito bites will cause coronavirus infectionFALSE
Spraying alcohol or Chlorine cannot kill virus that has entered the bodyTRUE
Thermal scanners can be used to detect coronavirusFALSE
Pneumonia protects against the new coronavirusFALSE
Can garlic protect from coronavirus?FALSE
Can antibiotics prevent coronavirus?FALSE
There are no vaccines discovered yet for coronavirusTRUE

What next?

Although there are no vaccines available yet, it is still possible to stay safe if you follow the above guidelines.

Stay safe and stay protected and don’t fall for the myths.

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