Are you born with a blurry vision or developed one in the course of time? Then it would be a nightmare to lose your glasses or contact lens in the middle of nowhere. But don’t worry you still can have one last trick to read without glasses!

This is how it works, just make a tiny hole by folding your fingers and look through it. This is as simple as it can get. It’s kind of amazing that this really works! Just try it out for yourselves, take out your glasses and try to read the text below.

If you care about how this works, here it is. The muscles in our eyes help to adjust the lens to focus light from an object to the retina behind. Without this all the light will just fall on the retina and we will see things in a blurry fashion. This is exactly what happens to people with troubled vision.

Our lenses are squeezed and stretched to accommodate the near and far subjects that we plan to see.

Far object – Out of focus

Near object – Out of focus

And the pin hole technique with the folded fingers works out in a similar fashion, since it has a tiny opening, it only allows light to come in a straight line from the subject and fall on the retina on a single point.

In other words, we have mimicked a focused lens using this trick. Wish you some wonderful sights today! And if you wish to donate vision to the less fortunate, Click Here!