Tesla unveiled CyberTruck on 21 Nov 2019 with a brand new radical design. Internet got divided with people who hate or love the new CyberTruck. One of the highlights of CyberTruck was the Tri-motor setup that capable of towing an F-150 uphill.

A lot of people have preordered CyberTruck are waiting for it to be sold, but they have to wait at least till late 2021 or early 2022. That is a lot of wait for Tesla CyberTruck enthusiasts, hence the team at the Hacksmith built a half size CyberTruck that would make the real CyberTruck proud.

The half size CyberTruck is no slouch by any means, at half the size, half the width and half the length of a Ford-150 but has all the functionalities of a regular truck.

You would be surprised hear that the creators of Half Size Cyber Truck chose 3MM Stainless Steel for the exoskeleton, the team at the Hacksmith reenacted a sledge hammer test to test the strength of the exoskeleton. And the results were just like it’s big brother CyberTruck, not a scratch.

The half size CyberTruck has a Tri-motor design just like the big CyberTruck and produces around 627 FT-LBS of torque. That is 50% more torque than a Ford F-150 with V8 engine from 2020.

Check out the below video and find out how cool this truck really is,

In addition to the Ford-150 tow test, they also tested the half size CyberTruck with a Polaris AWD and a Chevrolet Spark with 1.6 L engine. The results were quite obvious and hence we need not mention it here. 😉

Tesla unveils CyberTruck