HP Performance Center is used worldwide to execute load tests in a centralised manner. Users working on HP Performance Center would upload LR scripts and execute test scenarios on a daily basis.
But what if one fine day the File server crashes and the performance testing team is left with no way to recover it from their test scripts? This could result in huge rework efforts which could have adverse effects on tight project deadlines.
Here is how you can recover HP Performance Center or Loadrunner scripts in the event of a File Server crash. 
  • 1. Take any old result folder, find and open collate.txt file with Notepad. As shown below find the temporary path(BRR folder) in the Load Generator and navigate to the same.

2.  BRR folder contains all the files related to the Vuser scripts in raw format under pseudo names.

3. Now navigate to the path: netdirFileServerNameLRFSXXXScripts and here you will find the script files except for the usp and cfg. Copy these files to a local directory.

  • 4. After this go back to the brr folder and open the folder with script name(s), find the file process_mdrv_cmdln and open it with Notepad.
  • 5. Search for the keyword ‘cfg‘ thrice and you will reach the part where the cfg filename is specified. Once this is done note down the cfg file name and goto the folder netdirctmplrxxx.xxxlrcfgxx.xxx. Copy the required cfg file from here to the script folder.
  • 6. Open the cfg file with Notepad and search for the keyword ‘runlogic‘, you would find the corresponding usp filename here. Copy this also to the script directory.
  • 7. Now rename both the files as default.usp and default.cfg in the script folder. Also change the random usp filename in the default.cfg as shown below. 
That’s it, repeat the steps for all scripts.