How to whitelist Codage Studio?

Ad Block

To pause AdBlock, allowing ads to show ONLY on the site you’re currently visiting until you resume ad blocking:

  • Click the AdBlock button and select Pause on this site.
  • Right-click the page and select AdBlock > Pause on this site.

AdBlock will stay paused on all pages on the site even if you open one in a new tab. Ads will still be blocked everywhere else until you unpause.

U-Block Origin

  • Click on the U-Block Origin Icon
  • Click on the big blue button to turn off ad blocking for
  • Ads will still run on other websites

Ad Block Plus

  • Click on Ad Block Plus icon
  • Click on the blue toggle button to turn off the ad blocker on
  • Refresh page to continue

Ad Guard

  • Click Ad Guard button
  • Click on the green toggle to turn off ad blocker


  • Click on Ghostery icon
  • Click Trust Site button
  • Ads will be unblocked for

Thank you!