At Google they say “Focus on the user and all else will follow.” And they have kept their word, Google Play store for Android phones around the world just got an exciting minimalist update. The new play store has a fresh look and feel with a clean UI design. The design gives a hint about what’s waiting for us in the Android L OS release.

So what’s new?
Although the home screen is pretty much unchanged the new design elements can be witnessed at the App download screen.

Videos will be displayed on the header of the app download page, which is a welcome move. There some new fluid animations introduced while the user expands or scrolls through content. Also a refurbished dashboard is present to display key information like Downloads, Rating, Category and Similar. These icons have been redesigned


With an added element of transparency, the Play store looks stunning on Landscape view too. There is a Read More option to see the whole description of the app along with Changelog. The app related images are displayed right below this. At the time of this post, latest version of Google Play store is 4.9.13.

Google play update should be rolled out to your phone/ tablet by now, if you still want to sideload the app, here it is Google Play Store 4.9.13 download

Go ahead, download and experience the fresh UI!