A drone that is almost impossible to crash! Too good to be true right?

For anyone who is into flying drones, the worst nightmare is a mid flight crash; it could be a wall, a tree branch or a tower. Depending on the type of impact, the repairs can be expensive, considering the average cost of a decent camera drone these days.

Gone are the days where you worry about crashing your expensive drone. In contrast to the average drone, Skydio 2 drone has got the intelligence to avoid obstacles in ways that are almost impossible compared to today’s drone standards.

A man holding SkyDio drone and Case
Source: Skydio

Skidio 2 comes with a 4K camera, 36 MPH (57.94 KMPH) top speed, 23 mins flight time and range of 3.5 kms (2.17 miles).

There are three ways to fly this amazing drone,

  • Skydio Beaconβ„’
  • Android or iOS phone app
  • Controller

The Skydio 2 boasts a 45 Megapixel camera which is really high in pixel count compared to DJI Mavic 2 and DJI Mavic Air. Although the Skydio is able to follow you doing those impossible shots, the accuracy increases dramatically with the Skydio Beacon on you.

If you are flying yourselves, you may find the SkyDio Beacon to a bit unintuitive and may provide the feel of lack of control. The controller is the better option of the three but it still doesn’t look like a finished product as there are frequent disconnects.


  • Autonomous flying and intelligent obstacle avoidance
  • 45 Megapixel Camera navigational cameras
  • Sony’s IMX577 sensor
  • 12 MP HDR video
  • Accurate colors and white balance


  • 360 degree, Panoramic modes are missing.
  • Noisy at low light and high ISO
  • Only one color video record mode, no adjustments
  • Unintuitive user interface
  • Controller refuses to connect sometimes
  • High Sync up time to start flying (Failed WiFi link, Slow GPS Lock)
  • Steep learning curve, if you want to use the advanced functionalities

Is it worth buying?

Due to the cons mentioned above, if you are after a decent drone to have full control when you are flying, this is not the drone for you. Seems like it is better to wait for the next SkyDio drone.

Visit Skydio website for more details.

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