Why should a pair of glasses, originally a medical device, cost more than an iPad? Even though they are made out of glass and plastic and wires, there is a reason for the high price. And a part of the story is that all the Ray-Ban, Gucci, Chanel, D&G and lot more are not made by corresponding brands.

All these are made by an Italian company called Luxottica, a company which shuns publicity. They design and make branded sunglasses and sell them at a very very high mark up. So most of the sun glass brands in the world are theirs and they control the price and designs, or in other words they decide what you should wear.

Oakley who made advanced sports sunglasses, lost a fight against Luxottica and faced bad losses at share market, since Luxottica refused to sell their glasses through Sun Glass Hut. Now Luxottica owns Ray-Ban and Oakley and many other luxury brands.

Luxottica defines luxury glass price based on the people’s psychology, that people love brands, diversities and different experiences. And hence they put high price tags for the shipments send to China, India and the USA.

Luxottica transformed a medical device into designed eye jewelry, which people would buy at times marked up price and love to show off.